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EU mentoring for tourism project

Slovak Business Agency (SBA) acts as the lead partner in a newly accepted two-year-project EU Tourism Mentoring within the Lifelong Learning Programme – Transfer of Innovation. Together with the partners from United Kingdom, Romania and Lithuania, NADSME would like to build on the results from successfully implemented project Partnership Action for Tourism and develop the mentoring guidelines, rules and standards for mentoring in tourism.

Tourism has an enormous potential in all project partner countries. Nevertheless, Slovakia , Romania and Lithuania lack the quality of service in tourism sector so common in the western countries and we do have neither the structure nor the development opportunities in this area

What’s the project about?

The ambition of the project is to develop a standardized methodology of mentors’ development in tourism – or better Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism (HLTT) sector – adjusted to the specification of each project country on the basis of the proven methodology[1] used in the UK .

Target group focuses on learners, managers, professionals, HLTT sector representatives, SME representatives, training path designers.

Mentoring – mutual learning and sharing of experiences – has become one of the most powerful tools of career development. SBA as well as other project partners will use this tool adjusted to the local needs to develop capacity within HLTT sector in order to provide better services for visitors of Slovakia , Romania and Lithuania .

The main objectives of the project:

· to support the tourism in Romania throughout mentoring methodology – transfer the methodology and training path designed in the UK for mentors to Slovakia and other project partner countries adjusted to the specific country as well as tourism sector needs via free of charge training series in partner countries

· to improve and broaden the training offer for mentors in close cooperation with the employers, professionals and practitioners within tourism sector

· to initiate the transfer and development of mentoring techniques through mentoring pilot mentoring

· to prepare and produce the final methodology and standard of education designed for EU valorization

Who can become a mentor?

A person who can fulfill the following criteria – a person who:

· works, owns, manages the company within the travel and tourism sector for at least five years

· is aware of specific problems in tourism sector

· is willing to share their knowledge, experience and know-how

· has made measurable achievements both in their professional and personal life

· has the leadership qualities

· is trustworthy and who has the interest of others at heart

· has well developed understanding, insight and wisdom concerning the sector and his/her own area of expertise

· is willing to give time to the development of others

· can earn the respect of others

· has mentoring experience (not required but is an advantage)

Mentors‘ commitments (rights and obligations)


1. to cover/refund travel cost associated with the participation on the workshops organized within the project (travel, accommodation)

2. to maintain trade secrets of his business

3. to cancel the participation on the project in case of thread to her/his company reputation caused by the participation on the project, or threat to the reputation of the project itself

4. to use the „mentor“ title, to highlight the mentors‘ company on the official project website and other websites and/or in media when agreed by the project coordination (Slovak Business Agency) in Slovakia and SC GROUP G4 PROMOTION SRL – ACTIV TOURS&TRAVELS in Romania

5. to obtain an international certificate in tourism mentoring


1. to attend all three trainings, eventually other events within the project (eg. a meeting for matchmaking mentors and mentees)

2. to mentor/take you under her/his wing at least three mentees – proffessionals from tourism sector

3. to establish, develop and maintain the mentoring relationship with all three mentees during specific period of time given each mentee at least three working days (24 hours). Form of mentoring (personal meetings, email, Skype or telephone communication), frequency, length and content of mentoring meetings will be chosen by both sides (mentor and mentee) at the first meeting.

4. to report to the project coordinators (EUTM project team) about the mentoring relationship progress (sending at least three reports of the meetings, the report format/sample will be provided)

5. promote the project, its activities, best practices and success stories within their means

Project benefits for mentors and mentees or why to participate?

· acquiring mentoring skills – 3 two-day workshops on mentoring techniques (free of charge) led by experts from the UK in the participating EU partner countries – proposed venues and dates:

– Bratislava ( Slovakia ): 11th – 13th June, 2014

– Pitesti ( Romania ): 4th -5th September, 2014

– Vilnius ( Lithuania ): 30th – 31st October, 2014

· exchange of good practices within the participating countries

· international certificate in tourism mentoring for all trained mentors

· personal development, self and deployment of new horizonsIMG_5050

Articol din categoria Eu-Tourism Mentoring - LDV TOI, scris de Carmen Nicolescu - ACTIV TOURS. Salvează legătura.

Despre Carmen Nicolescu - ACTIV TOURS

ACTIV TOURS&TRAVELS a luat ființă, în 20 martie 2003, dintr-o pasiune personală pentru turism & travel, din dorința mea ardentă de a face lucrurile cât mai bine și de a obține satisfacție în urma muncii mele! Mărturisesc faptul că, atât în calitatea mea de educator (meserie pe care încă o practic, pentru că doresc să schimb mentalitatea generațiilor cu care intru în contact, oferindu-le, de ce nu, modelul personal ...), cât și cea de antreprenor, într-o societate în permanentă transformare, am căutat întotdeauna să ating performanța și am cultul lucrului bine făcut! Sunt perfect conștientă însă că ECHIPA ESTE DEFINITORIE în atingerea obiectivelor pe care mi le-am propus! Obiectivele mele sunt cele ale echipei mele, iar obiectivele echipei noastre sunt cele ale agenției de turism touroperatoare ACTIV TOURS&TRAVELS! Apreciez oamenii serioși, loiali, dedicați și pasionați; la rândul meu demonstrez seriozitate în tot ceea ce întreprind, în așa fel încât noi, ACTIV TOURS&TRAVELS, să oferim celor care ne trec pragul, cele mai frumoase vise devenite realitate! Profesionalismul, siguranța, calitatea serviciilor sunt principalele noastre preocupări - tot ceea ce facem este în slujba colaboratorilor noștri!

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